Milagro allows hospitals to develop new, deeper, complex data-driven solutions usually in just a few weeks and at very low cost. Our goal is to harness the full power of your EMR and revolutionize the ease, cost and speed with which medical data solutions are created and shared in order to help clinicians save lives, improve outcomes and reduce healthcare costs - now


Automated Surveillance

Sheba Medical Center, one of Newsweek's 2020 Ten Best Hospitals in the world, is using MilagroAI fully automated surveillance for hospital acquired infection surveillance and reporting processes.


Prevent Harm

Provide evidence-based, prioritized, and patient-specific insights within existing workflows. The Israeli public health system has chosen Milagro to reduce hospital acquired infections system-wide.


Automatic data abstraction

Milagro reduces the cost and improve the efficiency of data abstraction for quality measures and registry reporting.


Automatic coding

Assuta Health System is saving huge coding expenses with MilagroAI's automatic coding solution.