Providers use MilagroAI every day to prevent adverse events, save lives and reduce the cost of care.

Milagro, an innovated healthcare AI platform, uniquely designed to provide hospitals with the real-time intelligence needed to significantly reduce the incidence of hospital-acquired infections and patient readmission, enabling providers to intervene before infections or readmissions occur

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Milagro platform continually analyzes all relevant data from the electronic medical record, monitors and other sources both structured and unstructured data.  Our innovative contextual clinical text analytics technology can interpret in real time complex clinical context and translate it into a meaningful and actionable information about the patient.

  • Identify patients currently at the highest risk for hospital-acquired infections or readmission, and why, easily add more use cases as needed
  • Identify complex clinical problem with Real-time surveillance for hospital-acquired infections, easily add more use cases as needed
  • Alert medical staff to relevant actions to reduce risk
  • Measure in real-time the hospital performance and quality

our solution

our technology

More then 70% of the real-time relevant information is locked in unstructured data sources such as hospitalization documents, Radiology summaries, surgery summaries, Flow sheets and more, and most of the structured data is episodic, noisy, sparse and irregular
Milagro  technology turns all the relevant trapped and noisy data into simple, clear and actionable real-time information about the patient

  • Text Analytics automatically extract complex clinical concepts from unstructured data
  • Reasoning Engine Transform episodic, noisy, sparse and irregular data to a valid meaningful medical concept
  • Algorithms Engine automate in real-time published complex algorithms like CDC guidelines
  • AI (Deep learning) learn, create and process in real-time new  AI predictive algorithms
our technology



Amit May-Dan

Co-Founder & CEO

 Amit has over 20 years of experience leadership and senior management in technology, information services, and consulting in the field of healthcare analytics.

Gregory Hobbs MD MPH

CEO Milagro USA

Dr. Hobbs is an emergency physician with 25 years experience in leadership and senior management in academic and clinical emergency medicine as well as in the healthcare industry.

N.K. Skip Best

SVP for Sales and Channel Partnerships

Skip has 31 years’ experience in healthcare information technologies spanning all forms of clinical, operational, interoperability and financial systems.

Ofer Derech


Ofer has an extensive experience in research and development management and is one of the leading analytics professionals in Israel.

Aviram Weiss MD


Medicine Doctor with over a decade of experience in medicine and healthcare informatics – as a caregiver, commander, researcher, policymaker.


Java Rules Engineer - Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel - 54353

Milagro is seeking a Java Rules Engineer to work in our R&D center.

Responsibilities for the Java Rules Engineer include:
  • Design, Develop and implement Business Rules Management Systems
  • Develop the underlying rules engine based on Java
  • Build complex Decision Models/trees based on rule set
  • Manage client expectations throughout the product implementation
Qualifications for the Java Rules Engineer include:
  • 2+ years of experience with java development
  • Demonstrated expertise with Business Rules Management Systems ( ODM, iLog, JRules, Blaze Advisor, etc.)
  • Hands on technical experience coding, testing, and documenting(Java specifically)
  • Ability to interface with client business and technical teams effectively
  • Experience developing decision trees/models
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Deep Learning Engineer - Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel - 3532

We are  looking for a versatile engineer who has demonstrated capabilities to develop, benchmark, and validate a wide variety of deep neural network architectures to extract knowledge and information from clinical information in real-time.

Responsibilities and Duties
  • Develop state-of-the-art and novel deep neural network architectures.
  • Develop training and testing pipelines to assess the performance of these architectures on relevant image processing tasks.
  • Keep up with deep learning literature and research publications in order to implement the latest techniques into our networks and pipelines.
  • Develop machine-learning algorithms on a breadth of software frameworks (Keras, TensorFlow, Torch) and deploy on a diversity of hardware platforms.
Qualifications and Skills
  • Have significant experience training Deep Networks, CNNs, LSTMS
  • Experience with Keras (Tensorflow) a plus
  • 2+ years Researching CV
  • Masters or PhD in CS / EE or equivalent

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