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Hospital Acquired Infections Applications

Sheba Medical Center, one of Newsweek's 2020 Ten Best Hospitals in the world, is using MilagroAI to save lives and reduce the overload of the infection control unit.

Automatic CPT Coding

Assuta Health System is saving huge coding expenses with MilagroAI automatic coding application.


Are you fully prepared for a second wave?

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Early Identification of bloodstream infections

Sheba Medical Center, one of the ten best hospitals in the world, is using MilagroAI for early identification of Bloodstream Infections 4-12 hours before clear clinical signs.

Federal level HAI surveillance

The Israeli Ministry of Health has chosen MilagroAI for Federal-level surveillance for hospital-acquired infections and 30 day readmissions.

The MilgroAI platform presents endless possibilities. Contact us for additional applications.



Milagro has developed a medical "game-changer." We generate algorithms in days instead of month or years.


We eliminate thousands of human labor hours per algorithm. Milagro automatically organizes and segregates raw data into complex medical concepts (Automatic Feature Engineering). We transform raw data to disease-specific algorithm-ready data.


Milagro has reinvented clinical natural language understanding (NLU). Other solutions ignore 60% of your data - we use all of it. We transform linguistic information, including all notes and summaries, into usable powerful real-time data.


Milagro leverages the power of the world's exploding amount of medical knowledge to address your immediate needs. Every published decision support algorithm is available to you, and can be automated in days.


We leverage our Automated Feature Engineering to create the first AUTONOMOUS medical AI technology. This is unprecedented in the complex medical arena. A new highly accurate AI-based algorithm can be developed in days.


The outcome is MilagroRithms™ - medical applications akin in principle to apps you can download on your smart phone. As creative solutions are developed by our team or by others, we make them available for you.


MilagroAI is growing

We are looking for talented candidates with a real passion for saving lives. Follow MilagroAI's LinkedIn page for the most up to date open positions.

Testimonials and publications

Himms webinar - Eyal Zimlichman MD

Dr. Eyal Zimlichman, Chief Medical Officer at the Sheba Medical Center, discusses using MilagroAI's hospital-wide real-time surveillance for Hospital Acquired Infections.

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Big data TLV - Ben Gros MD

Ben Gros MD - CMIO, Sheba Medical Center presenting the Sheba Medical Center, Hospital acquired infections project

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Predictive analytics and machine learning

This article is a portion of a book titled "Challenges, Risks and Opportunities in Today's Spine World" edited by Stephen Hochschuler, MD, Frank Phillips, MD, and Richard Fessler, MD

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